About Us

Joining forces of highly skilled professionals in wireless data transmission systems and designers of computer networks we have found corporative solution to meet customer’s needs — «DTSystems.lv» Ltd.

«DTSystems.lv» Ltd. came in to being in 2013.

Our employees use their skills and proficiency doing their work daily. Our team of highly educated professionals works as one to provide detailed technical specifications, installation and outstanding service.

«DTSystems» Ltd. has good experience in cooperation with enterprises and individuals in Latvia as well as partners of cooperation in surrounding countries. Continuous development ensure the opportunity to increase exposure of provided services.

Our characteristic features

  • Highly professional and skilful staff
  • Mobility and flexible perception
  • Execution of orders by using also nonstandard solutions
  • The latest equipment, materials and technologies
  • Direct cooperation with leading producers of equipment and materials
  • Ability to organize and perform work at height
  • Ability to accomplish the work qualitatively in due course.